If you cannot start Rage or frequently run into Crashes/Errors, this is the page for you.


These Issues are preventing people from running Rage, follow the advice and you won't see the same problems.

Common Preventions of Rage's Launch

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)
If you get a 'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)' or similar error when starting Rage you most likely don't have .NET Framework installed. You can get it from

Cannot access a disposed object
If you get a 'Cannot access a disposed object' error, that's a bug in an old version of the .NET Framework. Uninstall all versions of .NET Framework that you have, and reinstall the latest from Microsoft (3.5SP1)

Could not load file or assembly Rage.Base
You have to fully unzip Rage from the zip file.

TalentPicker.cs has Thrown an Exception
You may see this if you are running a Mac OS and trying to launch Rage2 with Parallels. Try running it with bootcamp instead.

Troubleshooting Questions: Launching Rage

  1. Did you recently update to the current version (unless told otherwise for specific model use)?
    1. Try going back a version and see how it behaves differently.
  2. Did you recently perform a Windows Update or install any major component on your system (Drivers, etc.)?
    1. Try rolling back using the Windows System Restore setting.
  3. Did you install the correct version of .NET for your Operating System?
    1. Try searching for the installer that best matches your OS, taking note of the Version (3.5 SP1), type (x86 or x64) and OS it's for (XP, Vista, 7)
  4. Did you install Rage to a directory where you have full access rights, such as My Documents or the Desktop?
    1. We don't recommend installing Rage to the Program Files directory as on many systems, even if you do have access rights, it won't have the ability to call and edit it's files where necessary.
    2. We don't recommend extracting a new version of Rage onto the same directory as a previous version without deleting the original. Several files may get their wires crossed if you do and that can cause crashing.
  5. Have you run a Virus/Malware Scan lately?
    1. It's entirely possible that a Virus/Malware program is preventing Rage (and other programs) from launching.
  6. Are you running an Internet Security Suite, such as AVG or Norton?
    1. Security Suites have been known to flag some programs inappropriately as Malware and prevent them from launching. Check with your Suite's Help documentation to see if there's a way to add Rage as an Exception if this is the case.

Troubleshooting Questions: Other Stuff

Rage has a FAQ which answers several common questions.
  1. My Profession Related Buff/Enchant isn't showing up
    1. Please read the Professions section of the Documentation.

Submit an Issue

If going through these questions did not reveal a solution to you, please follow the Posting Guidelines and create an Issue. We ask that you not down-rate a version just because you, specifically, have difficulty running it while thousands of other users don't until we have a chance to resolve your issue.

Note: We don't respond to comments on these Documentation pages, if you have questions, start a Discussion or Issue per the Posting Guidelines and we will address it there

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