Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For FAQs regarding specific models:
  • Q: Where can I set the Stat Weights in Rage?
    • A: Rage absolutely, flat out, completely, in no way uses Stat Weights (the idea of assigning a Stat a value and using that to score gear, Eg- Strength = 1.2 so an item with 20 Strength would be value 24). Instead, each Stat is calculated into a modeling process that includes all of the class' abilities with respect to the character as a whole. The gear comparison then becomes the total character change that item would provide. DPS classes see DPS changes, Tanks see Survivability changes, and Healers see HPS changes.
  • Q: Why does the Optimizer try and equip two of my weapon when I only have one?
    • A: The item is not Unique, so the Optimizer assumes that you simply have access to the item, as it does not know how many of a given item you have. To restrict the Optimizer to consider only one copy of a weapon, right-click the item, select Edit, and mark the item as Unique. This will prevent the Optimizer from putting the item in both MH and OH slots, as if you had two copies of the item. The same process can be used for implants and relics.
  • Q: Why does the Optimizer sometimes lower my DPS?
    • A: The Optimizer operates on a Random Seed method, which is why it works at all. Sometimes it can't use that random seed to find a set that is better than what you are currently wearing. This is a known issue that we wish to hopefully find a solution for in the future. In the meantime, you can help the Optimizer to find the optimal setup by following these steps:
      • Limit the number of potential items that you mark as available to the Optimizer. As the number of pieces of gear / mods rise, the number of potential solutions (results) the Optimizer can create increases exponentially. Periodically clean up your list of items that you know will perform as well as other options.
      • Increase the Optimizer thoroughness by moving the slider on the Optimizer window to the right. While the Optimizer will take longer to run, it will be checking through more and more potential setups the higher the thoroughness is set.
      • Make absolutely sure that everything on your current character is marked as available to the Optimizer. This includes gear, and mods. This should be mostly covered by a check that is run when you start the Optimizer, though we are currently refining the warning dialogue to be more descriptive (to tell you exactly what you are currently wearing is not available to the Optimizer).
  • Q: Why does X talent/glyph not show any value in the comparison lists?
    • A: Many talents cannot be valued by DPS gain or by Survivability Gain. It's also possible that you do not have the Situation setting where the Talent would have value.
  • Q: Why do higher tier items sometimes show less value than lower tier items?
    • A: Set Bonuses can have a serious impact on DPS; getting that final piece can mean more or less for your character in specific gear-sets.

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