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Rage [Alpha]

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Released: Mar 14, 2012
Updated: Mar 15, 2012 by Jothay
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Release Notes

  • Work for pulling Schematics and Schematic Variants (RE Schematics)
  • Work for loading Schematics and RE Schematics for Crafting site. Similar code will be used to generate RE versions of Items soon
  • Work on CombatTable for Offensive and Defensive actions
  • Added some CommonStat statements to some stats
  • Fixed a couple of Effects Warnings
  • Fixed some other random Warnings
  • Work on Damage Reduction modifiers for different damage types
  • Added Talent Tree background (not colored)
  • Work for Combat Table (Attack and Defend)
  • Defend Combat Table worked out
  • Better tooltip styling on Stats Pane
  • More work on Attack Table
  • Removing dead ItemButton file
  • Renaming ItemButtonWithEnchant to just ItemButton
  • Fixes for Item Tooltips (proper coloring, placement of certain stats)
  • Fixes for Item Parsing from SWTOR files, Force/Tech Power and Shield Absorb %, Shield Chance %, Min/Max Damage, Weapon Damage Type
  • New Item Caches
  • Removed a bunch of bad files from Mercenary so I don't have to keep updating their bad code to work with newer better code in Base
  • Fixed Raid Buffs and Raid Debuffs charts
  • Improved the accuracy of Item Tooltips styling compared to in-game
  • Fixed some Medpacs
  • Added Energized and Hyper-battle Stims
  • Split the ClassAbility parsed file to individual files per class, much improved file loading time and easier to work with
  • Each ClassAbility File now uses it's own namespace to reduce duplication of names and Guard6 type events
  • Significant improvements to ability parsing. Several factors that were previously not worked are now functional
  • Lowered the global mitigation scalar
  • GetArmorDamageReduction now accounts for armor ignore buffs and debuffs
  • Fixed Rotation Opener DPS/TPS/HPS formulas in calcs
  • Added some more ability specific variables to core ClassAbility class to better handle various ability definitions
  • Updated DamageOnUseOverride calcs to work better
  • Changed CollectedCharacter.StatS object to read the CollectedCharacter.CombatFactors.StatS object to reduce stats object duplication/recreation
  • Fixed some cached value resets in CombatFactors
  • Fixed a significant CritBonusDamageMultiplier bug (was adding 5000% instead of 50%)
  • Fixes for how Rotations are initialized
  • Updated "Rage" names to "Resource" for resource needed over duration type calcs
  • HPS calcs now report Opener, O20 and U20 separately
  • Improved Performance in primary Rotation calc

  • Removed dead ParryModel code
  • Stats Pane for Juggernaut shows far more relevant and accurate stats
  • All used abilities now display information on the Stats pane. The ability name has a tooltip stating the ability core info while the calc states many variables like dps/tps/hps/average damage on use etc
  • Fixed Mark of Power Buff Relevance
  • Fixed Absorb Adrenals Relevance
  • Fixed multiple stats calculations issues, stats should now fully match in-game values (+ averaged values from any procs that have been set up)

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