Order of Operations

Feb 25, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Edited Mar 9, 2012 at 4:17 AM

Seeing as this project is based on the wildly successful Rawr project, much of the codebase we need to physically function is already there. However, there's still much work to be done to set this program up for functional models. These items are not in order of priority (yet).

  1. Work with an Item Database site to pull item data from.
    1. Torhead has been notirously non-responsive in my attempts to contact them.
    2. Knotor.com was suggested and appears to be a more simplified site that would be easier to get data from and I have contacted their admin.
      1. The admin responded that I could utilize their tool for extracting item data directly from the client files. Communicating further to this action.
      2. Communicated, Worked, Done WE HAVE ITEMS! 
  2. Set up the item database XML. Done
  3. Set Up all the possible buffs in the game
    1. Initial four from the four main classes are input
  4. Set Up the Stats object to reflect all ToR stats instead of WoW stats
    1. Inital culling has been completed
    2. Stronger culling completed
  5. Set up icon image pulling Done 
  6. Set up some way to state which mods come in an item initally, such as the Enhancement 25 that comes with a Rakata peice
  7. Set up the Talent Trees for each class
    1. Requires reversing the Talent trees vertically from WoW, Done
    2. Data parsed with the exception of Damage/Healing amounts due to the complicated nature of the name, will explore parsing these better once Ability calcs are better understood 
  8. Remove the WoW bosses and set up Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace Ops in normal, hard and nightmare modes
  9. Set up the Ability Trees for Juggernaughts
  10. -
  11. Migrate the Rawr.Warrior ability classses to base and use as a basis for all models moving forward
  12. Update Juggernaught to utilize many of the best practices that were found with Rawr.DPSWarr
  13. Create Rage Documentation Pages & structure on this site
  14. Generate the Silverlight project files necessary to simul-code with WPF
  15. Design the standards for all models to follow in generating classes and rotations
  16. Generate the generic rotation protocol system previously discussed with Astrylian for all models to utilize (promote uniformity)
  17. Set up the Optimizer and Batch Tools
  18. Audit the Base and UI project files for anything that remains from WoW which should be removed
  19. Update Item Tooltips styling to more closely reflect game version and add Total Stats statement (since most items are based on what mods are in them rather than the item itself)
    1. Item Tooltips functional
    2. Non-Item Tooltips functional
Feb 28, 2012 at 11:32 PM

If it helps,   http://sithwarrior.com/opcomp/   is a "raid composition" tool like the MMO-Champ WoW one that shows all the various buffs and debuffs and which classes/specs supply them.